VESTA (Verification of Ex-vessel Corium Stabilization)

2019-05-09 15:45
Legal Name of Facility Verification of Ex-vessel Corium Stabilization
Abbreviated Name VESTA
Facility Type Radioactive Material Handling Facility, Severe Accident Research Facility
Reactor Design Reference OPR1000, APR1400, EU-APR1400
Application Nuclear Safety; Severe Accident
Current Purpose Investigation on the failure (or erosion) of various reactor materials such as sacrificial concrete of ex-vessel core catcher and penetration tubes at RPV lower head by using prototypic corium melt (max. ~ 300 kg)
Short Description Purpose & Design Features

- Resolution of various severe accident issues through interaction tests between corium melt and structural material

- Generation of massive corium melt (~300 kg) with various compositions by cold crucible induction heating technology

- Heater system operating at a power level of 450 kW and a frequency of 100 kHz

- World-class test facility with corium melt

R&D Status

- Construction in July 2010

- Jet impingement and sacrificial material interaction test for EU-APR1400 core catcher (2011 ~ 2013)

- Reactor lower vessel penetration (ICI) failure test under ERVC condition for APR1400 (2013 ~ 2016)

- Reactor lower vessel penetration (ICM-GT and CRGT) failure test for Fukushima Daiichi NPP (2014 ~ 2017)

- Ex-vessel particulate bed spreading and cooling test for operating Korean NPPs (2017 ~ 2021)

Outcomes & Perspectives

- Generation of valuable test data with corium melt

- Contribution to resolving severe accident issues

- Competent test facility for international program
Status Temporarily non-operational (under re-approval process)
Operating Organization Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute – Thermal Hydraulics and Severe Accident Research Division (KAERI - THSARD)
Operating Organization URL  
Country Republic of Korea
Keywords Severe Accident, Prototypic Corium, Penetration Failure, Sacrificial Material Ablation
Local language Legal Name of Facility 노외 노심용융물 안정화 검증 실험장치

Ablation Test of EU-APR1400 Sacrificial Concrete by Jet Impingement EU-APR1400_JI_SM_01 ZrO2 74 kg
EU-APR1400_JI_SM_02 ZrO2 70 kg
APR1400 ICI penetration Failure Test PW_01 Penetration weld failure with STS melt
PW_02 Penetration weld failure with metallic corium
APR1400_ICI_01 ICI Simulated Specimen, ZrO2, No ERVC, 0 barg
APR1400_ICI_02 ICI Simulated Specimen, ZrO2, No ERVC, 0 barg
APR1400_ICI_03 ICI Specimen, ZrO2, No ERVC, 1 barg
APR1400_ICI_04 ICI Specimen, ZrO2, No ERVC, 2.6 barg
APR1400_ICI_05 ICI Specimen, ZrO2_Delivery, No ERVC, 0 barg
APR1400_ICI_ERVC_01 ICI Specimen, UO2+ZrO2, ERVC, 1.8 barg
APR1400_ICI_ERVC_02 ICI Specimen, UO2+ZrO2, ERVC, 2.9 barg
BWR penetration Failure Test Fukushima_Corium_01 UO2 : Zr : ZrO2 : SUS304 : B4C = 60 : 10 : 15 : 14 : 1 (wt.%)
  Fukushima_Corium_02 UO2 : Zr : ZrO2 : SUS304 : B4C = 53 : 9 : 25 : 12 : 1 (wt.%)
  SRM/IRM UO2+ZrO2, Fukushima U1 SRM/IRM penetration
  LPRM UO2+ZrO2, Fukushima U1 LPRM penetration
  CRGT_01 UO2+ZrO2, Fukushima U1 CRGT penetration
  CRGT_02 UO2+ZrO2, Fukushima U1 CRGT penetration, reheating

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