SMART-ITL (System integrated Modular Advanced Reactor-Integral Test Loop)

2019-05-09 15:44
Legal Name of Facility System-integrated Modular Advanced Reactor-Integral Test Loop

(Facility for Experimental Simulation of Transients and Accidents)
Abbreviated Name SMART-ITL (FESTA)
Facility Type Integral Type Pressurized Water Reactor; Thermal Hydraulic Facility
Reactor Design Reference System-integrated Modular Advanced Reactor, SMART
Application Nuclear Safety; Thermal Hydraulics
Current Purpose Test facility to produce validation data for SMART PSAR
Short Description For a development of integral type pressurized water reactor (small modular reactor, SMR), the standard design approval (SDA) for SMART was certificated in 2012. To satisfy the domestic and international needs for nuclear safety improvements after the Fukushima accident, several efforts to improve its safety have been made, and a passive safety system (PSS) for SMART has been designed and validated. Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Korea started conducting a three-year project of pre-project engineering (PPE) from December 2015 to prepare a preliminary safety analysis report (PSAR), to review the feasibility of constructing SMART reactor in KSA, and to develop the human resource capability to run them.

Ø  Major scaling ratio

-   Length, height, time : 1/1

-   Area, volume : 1/49

Ø  SG & PRHRS & PSIS: 4 trains

Ø  Design pressure & temperature: 170 bar, 350 ℃

Ø  Maximum core heater power: 2.0 MW (30% of scaled full power)

Ø  Major systems :

-   Primary/secondary systems

-   Safety injection system (SIS)

-   Passive safety injection system (PSIS)

-   Passive residual heat removal system (PRHRS)

-   Break system (BS)

-   Break measuring system (BMS)

-   Auxiliary system
Status Operational
Operating Organization Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute – Thermal Hydraulics and Severe Accident Research Division (KAERI - THSARD)
Operating Organization URL http://www.kaeri.re.krhttp://www.thsard.re.kr
Homepage http://www.thsard.re.kr/db-list2/?uid=79&mod=document&pageid=1
Country Republic of Korea
Local language Legal Name of Facility SMART 종합효과시험장치

DBA (Design Basis Accident) SBLOCA F101 CMT injection test, 2 inch SIS break
F102 SIT injection test, 2 inch SIS break
F103/F103R CMT+SIT injection test, 2 inch SIS break
F104 CMT+SIT injection test, 0.4 inch SIS break
F301 CMT+SIT injection test, 2 inch PSV break
FLB FLB-01 Feed line break, 3 trains of PRHRS, 4 trains of PSIS
CLOF CLOF-01 Complete loss of RCS flowrate, 4 trains of PRHRS & PSIS
CRAW CRAW-01 Control rod assembly withdraw, 119% core power, w/o PRHRS & PSIS
SGTR SGTR-04 Steam generator tube rupture, 4 trains of PRHRS & PSIS
TLOSHR TLOSHR Total loss of secondary heat removal, 4 trains of PSIS
NC SPNC-01 Single-phase natural circulation, 5% → 10% → 15% → 20% power
TPNC-01 Two-phase natural circulation, 5% power
SP (System performance) SGP-25P SGP-25P-T4 Steam generator performance test, core power: 25%, SG: 4 trains
SGP-25P-T2 Steam generator performance test, core power: 25%, SG: 2 trains
SGP-25P-T1 Steam generator performance test, core power: 25%, SG: 1 trains
SGP-18.75P SGP-18.75P-T1 Steam generator performance test, core power: 18.75%, SG: 1 trains
SGP-12.5P SGP-12.5P-T1 Steam generator performance test, core power: 12.5%, SG: 1 trains
SGP-6.5P SGP-6.5P-T1 Steam generator performance test, core power: 6.5%, SG: 1 trains
PSIS SP-PSIS-01 Smallest break size SBLOCA, CMT+SIT injection test, 7/32 inch SIS break
PRHRS SP-PRHRS-01 RCS 300 ℃ + ECT 100 ℃, PRHRS 4 → 3 → 2 → 1 → 0 train(s)
SP-PRHRS-02 RCS 250 ℃ + ECT 100 ℃, PRHRS 4 → 3 → 2 → 1 → 0 train(s)
OM (Operation & maintenance) SU OM-SU-01 Steady-state test, 12% & 20% core power with RCP 100% operation
CD OM-CD-01 Normal shutdown test with RCP 100% operation

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