Fission product behavior

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Fission Product Behavior



  • Development and verification tests on the FCVS(Filtered Containment Venting System)
  • Design of FCVS for OPR1000 including venturi scrubber, droplet separator, metallic fiber filter, and molecular sieve
  • Performance tests of FCVS for aerosol, elemental iodine, and organic iodine decontaminations
  • Code developments on aerosol behaviors during severe accident
  • AEROS code development to evaluate aerosol behavior in gas using sectional method
  • PIAERO code development to evaluate aerosol retention in pool

R&D Status

  • Setup of ARIEL test facility and tests to validate FCVS performances
  • Carried gas supply system: nitrogen, air, steam
  • Aerosol generation and measuring systems
  • Elemental / organic iodine generation and measuring systems
  • Measurements of decontaminator factors on the aerosol, iodine by FCVS
Parameter Value
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar a
System temperature 25 ~ 200 °C
Steam generator capacity 5000 kg/hr
Nitrogen generator capacity 1800 kg/hr
Air supply capacity 1800 kg/hr
Steam mass fraction 0~100 %

ARIEL : gas supply system


ARIEL : Aerosol generation and sampling systems


ARIEL : Iodine generation and sampling systems

  • Code developments on aerosol behaviors
  • AEROS code: Modellings on the aerosol coagulation, sedimentation, thermophoresis, diffusiophoresis, impactions, etc, Code validation by comparing with MAEROS and ABCOVE experimental data
  • PIAERO code: Modelling on the aerosol retention in pool, Code validation by comparing with MELCOR code and LACE-Espana experimental data

AEROS results


PIAEROS results


Outcomes & Perspectives

  • Domestic FCVS has been developed and verified by ARIEL test facility successfully.
  • Decontamination factor: Aerosol >10,000, Elemental iodine: >1,000, Organic iodine: >50
  • AEROS and PIAERO codes will be used for CINEMA code (severe accident analysis code) as aerosol modules
  • SGTR(Steam Generator Tube Rupture) test mockup is under construction to study aerosol and iodine behaviors under containment bypass scenarios induced by the severe accident.
  • A code for analyzing iodine behavior under the severe accident is in progress.