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Full Scale RCP Performance & Safety Tests



  • Technical development for a performance verification test of the localized APR1400 RCP (Reactor Coolant Pump)
  • Flow stabilization and measurement technology
  • Analysis and reduction technology of structural vibration and pressure pulsation in the piping system
  • RCP type test (500 hr test) for the new-type localized RCP
  • Seal performance test of the localized seal assembly during the postulated SBO (Station Black Out) condition

Technical Specifications of the localized RCP and Test facility

  • Localized APR1400 RCP
  • Life time: 60 years
  • Safety class: No. 1
  • Shaft rotational speed: 1,190 rpm
  • Rated head and flow rate: 114.3 m / 7.672 m3/s
  • Height and weight (including motor): 11 m / 156 ton
  • RCP test facility
  • Reference plant: APR1400
  • Design pressure and temperature: 18.5 MPa / 343 oC
  • Maximum allowable flow rate in the piping: 11.7 m3/s
  • Electric capacity: 13.2 kV / 14MW
  • Inner diameter of the main and subsidiary piping: 914 / 762 mm

RCP Test Facility

R&D Status

  • SBO Seal performance test
  • Complete a construction of the SBO seal test facility
  • Setup test condition and procedure
    • Test duration: 120 hr
  • Category of test condition:
    • High-pressure & -temperature condition (72 hr)
    • Low-pressure & -temperature condition (44 hr)
    • Zero-subcooling condition (4 hr)

Schematics of the localized seal assembly


Schematics of the localized RCP

Outcomes & Perspectives

  • Full scale seal performance test during the SBO condition
  • The world foremost full scale test for the seal assembly
  • Practical verification data on the localized seal assembly for safety analysis of APR1400 during the SBO accident
  • Complete a localization process for the APR1400 RCP

SBO Seal Test Condition